Yellow Dog

by: Rose Lesniak
posted: August 02, 2017  0 Comments

Yellow dog pretty yellow dog why do you draw your body away from me
when my hand comes near your pretty yellow face 
dog why when I reach for you to try and say hi you
pull away so far a scar was it that first trainer who put his big hands
around your yellow snout you couldn't breathe and he said you did it wrong
sad song and made you scared of the hands of the human hands
this way of this trainer who hit you with a slap on the head every time
you tried to get it right that sit and down pushing you down I will never do this
and I promise to teach the human who you love we are all from above,
Yellow dog.


About the Author:

Rose Lesniak
Name: Rose Lesniak
Age: Actual or mentally?
Position: Head dog trainer
Sign: Pisces


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