Safety First

by: Rose Lesniak
posted: January 08, 2018  1 Comments

Happiness fills the room with a puppy

Lying in a safe bed alone with my new parent.

We walk this cord between us.

We first walk in her huge house 

then we walked outside.

All these new smells and sounds

and sights.

I have my own bed next to my new parent.

She looks at me all night till her eyes close

And I close mine.

And wake up...there she is!

And we get busy then eat then walk

She talks a lot.

And makes me laugh...I am

Her new half.


About the Author:

Rose Lesniak
Name: Rose Lesniak
Age: Actual or mentally?
Position: Head dog trainer
Sign: Pisces


just lost service dog
Jan 31, 2018 @ 11:40 PM

I lost my Lhasa Apso service dog to cancer in Oct 2017. I lost his trainer previously that year. I am missing part of my heart, my best friend and faithful servant. He walked by my Permobil C300 power wheelchair with a quick release made from Velcro, leash and collar buckles, a carabiner, and a regular flat leash with his service vest. I am getting another Lhasa because they match my needs and abilities, as well as temperament. I am concerned about training a younger dog with this heavy wheelchair and cannot seem to find any accessories to fit a power chair unless I make something again as the Velcro wore out. I have read about others with small dogs who have no way to leave the house with them. I cannot find a small dog service dog trainer. They are not for balance, but can pick things up, close and open inside doors, and socially, open up a whole world to a wheelchair bound person. Also, they are our eyes and ears as you cannot see behind in a big power chair when you have Range of motion problems. He could get the phone if I was unconscious and pick up numerous items. I hope the world soon sees these little guys as more than therapy dogs. They are capable of "bigger" jobs as well as helping others.

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