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Architecture for Dogs Opening: Canine Models, Chihuahua Space Suits, and Cute Overload

posted: November 16, 2016  0 Comments
Rose Lesniak Dog Trainer in Miami Florida

Designer, Sou Fujimoto, whose prototype took about two months to design, explained that anyone could take one of the projects upon him/herself and have it built in a few days. His piece, made from timber, would only take about one or two. "I was thinking about the architecture for dogs of tomorrow...[a] field for communication between the owners and the dogs, so not just sheltering dogs but to make different new types of communications...We made shelves for the owner to use in their daily lives so through their daily behaviors they can have a natural communication to each other...Every owner could customize [the piece with] items to create a good character of the dogs," he said.

Architecture for Dogs is planning to exhibit in Milan next Spring, plus a product launch in New York and Tokyo by the end of next year.

The project is aesthetically pleasing while keeping the pet in mind, which goes to show that a living space can look and feel how you want it to without having to compromise for mess and a generic kennel. Doggies everywhere can finally express the big personalities behind the bulging eyes and tongues dangling amidst open tooth smiles.

Architecture for Dogs is open to the public until Sunday, December 9 at the Buena Vista Building, 180 NE 39th St. The "Open House for Dogs" takes place Thursday, December 6, through Saturday, December 8, from 3 to 5 p.m. Bring your pups to test out the pieces and take another one of the million photos of them you already have.


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