by: Rose Lesniak
posted: December 01, 2017  0 Comments

I love the whiskey on your breath
love your puffed lips
hips the way your eyes light and turn
before you say, "my I moves everywhere"
I love you, I love you
woman alive
the way your hair curls up
the steam your skin
love the way you sing to me
so bold and naked
you are coming
into a cup of coffee
morning and I love the way you look
as if you never slept
your perfect face, your oval face
the way your mouth forms and your stutter
with a racing heart under
I am all lovers, let the bodies of woman ride
take over and under the covers
your knees are rashed pinker then the rest of you
I love to watch, no lie.

And there is no one else shaking me tonight.
There is no sound or any more words
and I will eat your body for thousands of years.


About the Author:

Rose Lesniak
Name: Rose Lesniak
Age: Actual or mentally?
Position: Head dog trainer
Sign: Pisces


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