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Tip #1

by: Rose Lesniak
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My passion is to have people coexisting in harmony with their pets. Every so often I am going to offer tips that can improve the relationship between you and your dog. 

Tip #1 - Dogs understand more than the words we speak to them.

Adult dogs actually can understand roughly 50-250 words. Dogs and puppies alike understand your body language, tone and the emotion of the words that you speak. They are actually better at understanding our non-verbal language than most of the words that we utter. 

Dogs have an instinctual desire to please their humans, so talk to them in a  calm, positive way that they can understand and ...make it simple. Combine the word with a gesture such as "come" point to where you want them to come.

Use positive words, a non-stressed tone and open body language. 

When training a puppy or dog I never use language like:
Play dead

These words have negative feelings attached to them. 

It might seem like a silly nuance to most, but your dog will understand. 

Words to consider:
And dogs are not slaves.
And love when you communicate 
With them 
In a positive way ..

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