Ramblin' Rose

Is He Friendly?

by: Rose Lesniak
posted: May 10, 2018





The New Half

by: Rose Lesniak
posted: May 08, 2018

Happiness fills the room...mother.

Lying in a safe bed alone with my new parent.

We walk with this cord between us.

We walked first in her huge house

then we went outside.

And all the new smells, sights and sounds!

I have my own bed next to her.

She looks at me all night till her eyes close.

and I close mine.

I wake up and there she is!

And we get busy, then eat...then walk

She talks a lot

And makes me laugh. 

I am

her new half.

Advice from a Professional Dog Trainer

Tip #1

by: Rose Lesniak
posted: March 09, 2018
Puppy Training Miami

My passion is to have people coexisting in harmony with their pets. Every so often I am going to offer tips that can improve the relationship between you and your dog. 

Tip #1 - Dogs understand more than the words we speak to them.

Adult dogs actually can understand roughly 50-250 words. Dogs and puppies alike understand your body language, tone and the emotion of the words that you speak. They are actually better at understanding our non-verbal language than most of the words that we utter. 

Dogs have an instinctual desire to please their humans, so talk to them in a  calm,...

Safety First

by: Rose Lesniak
posted: January 08, 2018

Happiness fills the room with a puppy

Lying in a safe bed alone with my new parent.

We walk this cord between us.

We first walk in her huge house 

then we walked outside.

All these new smells and sounds

and sights.

I have my own bed next to my new parent.

She looks at me all night till her eyes close

And I close mine.

And wake up...there she is!

And we get busy then eat then walk

She talks a lot.

And makes me laugh...I am

Her new half.

My Dogs know me and I Know them

by: Rose Lesniak
posted: August 05, 2017

Beauty is my own garden 

Where new colors emerge

with the cold life

I lived with old loved ones.

The Brazilian orchids are flamed

as always this spring

For they are my moments of joy.

Today Martha told me

that this is my meadow,

At the end of Morningside Park...

My dogs know me

and I know them...

Fall into the grass

And roll with this.

Little Dog

by: Rose Lesniak
posted: August 03, 2017

Little dog
fearful silent dog
You to me a beautiful flower

Who found you in the urban road?
Karma comes to those who boldly do.

I will touch your sweet face
And never harm you
I will give you the best in this world.

Dreaming of becoming one with you.
Dreaming of walking in the world us two.

When I ask you to dress I confess
When you are ready
I am so proud to take your paw.

Looking down at your racing heart
Never will we part.

Yellow Dog

by: Rose Lesniak
posted: August 02, 2017

Yellow dog pretty yellow dog why do you draw your body away from me
when my hand comes near your pretty yellow face 
dog why when I reach for you to try and say hi you
pull away so far a scar was it that first trainer who put his big hands
around your yellow snout you couldn't breathe and he said you did it wrong
sad song and made you scared of the hands of the human hands
this way of this trainer who hit you with a slap on the head every time
you tried to get it right that sit and down pushing you down I will never do this
and I promise to teach the human...

This Banyan Tree

by: Rose Lesniak
posted: August 02, 2017

                                                              THIS BANYAN TREE

Recieves the migrating

And says I welcome you.
The Pope says this too.

The saved palm protects my song
Because I brought her back to life.

I am working to see that dogs
become companions..
rather than computers.

The moon all red roaring.

And I say thank you
as we stop on the bridge
normally shallow water
now a lake.

In parking lots and doorways,
around the cars or a far,

Thank you for loving me
Inside this Banyan tree.

For the Love of An Old Dog

by: Rose Lesniak
posted: July 27, 2017

How do I come here to be 
laying next to you in the night
where the stars show us our
love outside the leaves falling
in darkness and the rain the
cool rain and the blasts of wind
on the holy roof
I am amazed that I love you
still so close to death and
much more than any human 
on the corner of the bed 
we breathe heavy into the air.

Read to Martha and Her Dog Friends

At The Miami Beach Regional Library

posted: November 16, 2016
Rose Lesniak Dog Trainer Miami fl working with the Miami Beach Library teaching kids to read to dogs

On February 19th, 2014, the first session of Read to Martha and Her Dog Friends delighted 15 children at the Miami Beach Regional Library. The calm dogs emboldened the new-to-reading youngsters and many were inspired to find more books to read to the patient animals.

Reading aloud is a good way for children to improve their literary skills. Children will read to a therapy dog because the dogs have loving eyes and the children know they won't criticize or judge them. The dogs are trained to focus on and pay close attention to the child reading.

Each dog's handler...

CBS Miami Features Rose Lesniak's Dog Training

Introducing Your Dog to Your New Baby

posted: November 16, 2016

CBS Miami Video

CBS MIAMI (CBS4) – In this week’s "Talking Baby," CBS4 Morning Anchor Rhiannon Ally focuses on bringing the baby home from the hospital. Not only will your life change forever, so will your dog's.

All the new sights, sounds and smells may be confusing to your dog, especially if it's never been around kids before.

Certified trainer Rose Lesniak has been working with dogs for 16 years. She said this is a common problem for families, but there are things you can...

Miami New Times

Architecture for Dogs Opening: Canine Models, Chihuahua Space Suits, and Cute Overload

posted: November 16, 2016
Rose Lesniak Dog Trainer in Miami Florida

Designer, Sou Fujimoto, whose prototype took about two months to design, explained that anyone could take one of the projects upon him/herself and have it built in a few days. His piece, made from timber, would only take about one or two. "I was thinking about the architecture for dogs of tomorrow...[a] field for communication between the owners and the dogs, so not just sheltering dogs but to make different new types of communications...We made shelves for the owner to use in their daily lives so through their daily behaviors they can have a natural communication to each other...Every owner...

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