The 5 Principles of Rose

To Having a Great Dog at Your Side


Loose Leash walking with Rose Lesniak Dog Trainer in Miami, FL

1. Your dog needs EXERCISE.

Imagine how you would feel being locked up in your house all day long without stimulation from the outside world? You would feel isolated, alone, and imprisoned.

With no contact with the outside world, that's how your dog feels. Training inside and outside of the home is needed. Mental stimulation is the key.

Your dog is wired to want to walk out in the world . . . to walk, smell, play and run. Your dog wants to journey with you... the parent/dog  in the outside air. Your dog wants to meet and socialize with other people and other dogs. Your dog wants to learn about  the outside sounds and visuals. Rose considers calmly walking with your dog is one of the most important lessons a human/dog must master. 

Most importantly, your dog wants to follow you and feel safe!


Discipline by Rose Lesniak Dog Trainer in Miami, FL

2. Your dog needs DISCIPLINE.

You wouldn't let your two-year-old walk out the front door and do whatever she wants. Like kids, your dog needs to connect and respond to you thru signals and words/phrases.

The whole point of obedience training is connection. When your dog succeeds in learning to respond to you; learning to sit, stay, come, and walk well on a loose leash, your dog actually feels proud of her own success. You can see it in her eyes, when she looks at you for praise and/or reinforcement after performing these tasks well.

Most dogs live for the praise they get when they've learned something new and you express your pride in their accomplishments!

Most importantly, obedience training teaches you how to connect with her... creating a happy relationship together.


Dog Consistency with Rose Lesniak Dog Training in Miami, FL

3. Your dog needs CONSISTENCY.

Imagine how confused a child is when one parent says, “No” and the other says, “Yes.” One person says lay down and the other says sit.

So, your whole household  has to be trained to be consistent with your dog. If one person allows your dog to jump up when greeting at the door and another does not, it confuses the dog. When this happens, your dog prefers the attention and will quickly forget the manners he's been taught because he's getting mixed messages.

What one person does in the home, all the other people (including children) have to do the same way. That continuity or consistency makes the dog understand his place in your family. All the people in the home should use the same words and verbal cues so there is no confusion as to what you are trying to tell your dog to do.


Good Food with Rose Lesniak Dog Trainer in Miami, FL

4. Your dog needs GREAT FOOD.

Imagine how poorly you would feel and function if all you ate was junk food. You would put on weight, be lethargic and your concentration and brain/body functions would be diminished. 

Your dog feels the same way when fed cheap, chemically-laden dog food. You may not know that a great deal of dog food is made with artificial preservatives, corn gluten, and meat by-products.

But your dog is not a vegetarian. Your dog needs real meat and healthy balances of vitamins ans minerals.

Just as humans have food allergies, so can your dog. There can be all sorts of symptoms that you are mistakenly blaming other things on.

If you feed your dog great food, it will help with your dog’s concentration, safety, behavior and feeling of well-being.

It will also save on vet bills.


Love for a dog with Rose Lesniak Dog Training in Miami, FL

5. Your dog needs LOVE.

Imagine how sad and lonely you would feel if no one in the world loved you. If every success you had went unnoticed or unrecognized.

Every cue your dog fulfills should be rewarded with love. It will increase your dog's pride in her accomplishments and increase her feeling of purpose. A loved dog feels like a champion because she has succeeded in making you proud. Your dog knows this because you show her love.

A calm dog should be petted, kissed and loved as much as possible.