Dog Training

Rose Lesniak: The Expert Dog Trainer

Expert Puppy Trainer and Dog Trainer

Rose Lesniak is an ABC Certified Dog Trainer located in Miami, Florida, expert in puppy training, dog training and behavior modification, she trains dogs to better communicate with you, certifies Therapy Dogs, and assists with Service Dogs.

There are many techniques that Rose Lesniak uses to train your dog or puppy and modify behaviors in you and your dog. Rose will sit and work out a behavior plan with you. She meets your dog to see how your puppy or dog behaves in the company of strangers, in your home and out and about.

Rose Lesniak Dog Training a Puppy in Miami Florida

She analyzes the energy of your household so that she understands you and your dog's world. You let her know what behavioral problems you're having, and she'll ask you and your family a lot of questions.

She looks at the relationship you have with your dog. She studies all of these connections and factors. She also looks at what you feed your dog. 

If another dog trainer tells you, "This is the way . . ." without meeting you and your dog, we recommend careful consideration. There is rarely any single way or blanket solution for any puppy training, dog training or dog behavior modification. Every dog is unique; just as every person is unique. 

Dogs need to be happy when learning new or correcting bad behavior patterns. Dogs need a positive approach and that is why Rose Lesniak uses dog or puppy reinforcements they really like . . . food, praise or their favorite toy.

Even the most balanced dog can be set back when given a bad correction. Alternatively, aggressive or dominant dogs need a new behavioral program in their world. In all cases, it's you and your dog that Rose Lesniak will be training.