Condo Cool

For Board of Directors and Owners With Dogs

For Board of Directors and Owners With Dogs

Condo Cool is a group class that Rose does in your condo building for you and your neighbor's convenience. 

Is your dog a welcome member of your condo association? Does your dog calmly navigate the building's scary hallways and elevators? Does she manage close encounters with other dogs and people rushing to and from? Does your dog pull you through hallways, bark at people and other dogs? 

Condo Cool is a group training class designed especially for the urban parent and their condo dogs. Your dog will learn basic training and condo manners. 

If your dog doesn't wait politely while you converse with your neighbor, then Condo Cool is the class you. Call to arrange a group class. Rose is bonded, insured and multi-certified. 

This 5-week fun and helpful course is only $250 per person.

Call 305-868-8109.