Read to Martha and Her Dog Friends

At The Miami Beach Regional Library

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Rose Lesniak Dog Trainer Miami fl working with the Miami Beach Library teaching kids to read to dogs

On February 19th, 2014, the first session of Read to Martha and Her Dog Friends delighted 15 children at the Miami Beach Regional Library. The calm dogs emboldened the new-to-reading youngsters and many were inspired to find more books to read to the patient animals.

Reading aloud is a good way for children to improve their literary skills. Children will read to a therapy dog because the dogs have loving eyes and the children know they won't criticize or judge them. The dogs are trained to focus on and pay close attention to the child reading.

Each dog's handler introduces the dog to the child and guides the reading. Most children are apprehensive at first. They fear they are poor readers. They begin reading slowly, and as they continue to read, their confidence builds.

One child was on her fourth book and didn't want to leave. Read to Martha and Her Dog Friends encourages children to associate the library with reading and fun and success.

The program was designed by Professional Dog Trainer Rose Lesniak at Library Branch Supervisor Jennifer Dewsnap-Shipley's suggestion. The program is offered once a month at the Miami Beach Regional Library. Information for the next session is below:

Date: Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Time: 3:30 pm - 5pm

Venue: Miami Beach Regional Library

Location: 227 22 St., Miami Beach

Contact: 305 535-4219, Miami-Dade Public Library System

Price: Free

Ages: Preschooler (2-5), Kids (5-10)

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